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 Rank System

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PostSubject: Rank System   Rank System EmptyMon May 31, 2010 12:27 pm

The longer you've been on the site, and how long you've been active, the higher the rank you earn. You make your way up the ranks, depending on which path you choose. Depending on what rank you are, your health points differ as well.

Kit: 15 HP
Apprentice: 50 HP
Newly Appointed Warrior: 75 HP
Young Warrior: 90 HP
Warrior: 100 HP

-Special Rank-
Medicine Cat Apprentice: 25 HP
Medicine Cat: 75 HP
Deputy: 100
Leader: 900, each life is 100 HP

These are the times on how long it takes to earn a new rank. After you earn a new rank, you have to wait the posted amount more until the new rank is earned.

-Rank -> Next Rank; Requirements-
Kit -> Apprentice; 1 week active + rank requirements
Apprentice -> Newly Appointed Warrior; rank requirements
Newly Appointed Warrior -> Young Warrior; 2 weeks active since warrior naming
Young Warrior -> Warrior; 2 months active(total)

The special ranks go about a different route, and cannot go up judged on time. Their requirements and sign-up sheets are posted elsewhere.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or another Moderator.

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Rank System
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