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 Special Ranks

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PostSubject: Special Ranks   Special Ranks EmptyMon May 31, 2010 12:25 pm

These rules only account for those with the position of Clan leader, deputy, or medicine cat. But it would be wise to read them, so any rule violation can be immediately reported to an Admin, and actions be taken.

  1. Do not abuse your power. You have the rank for a reason, use it wisely and make the right decisions for the good of your Clan.

  2. Leaders and deputies are allowed to have mates, medicine cats aren't. Having a mate suffices to liking/loving someone and/or having a boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship with another user while role-playing.

  3. If a user with a Clan position is deleted from the site for any reason, it's said that their cat died, for any reason that is chosen. If be the leader, their deputy will be put into position as leader and sign-ups will be held for deputy. If the deputy, sign-ups will be held. If the medicine cat, if they had an apprentice, they will take up the position fully. If they didn't, sign-ups will be held.

  4. Violations to any of these rules may result in the loss of your rank, a temporary ban, an account deletion, or another punishment, depending on what exactly you did to break the rule. All first time rule violators will get a warning so they will follow the rules.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or another Moderator.

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~Mentor of GorseFang, DustyFoot, EchoSong, SnowPaw,, RainStar and BristleStar~
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Special Ranks
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