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PostSubject: Role-Playing   Role-Playing EmptyMon May 31, 2010 12:21 pm

Role-playing can be confusing at times, especially to those who are new to it. So, these rules are here—well, guidelines, really—to make role-playing easier to understand for all. All role-playing topics are located under the Clan topics and Ceremonies; anything out of that is just member chat, essentially.

  1. Topics going at the SAME TIME do not relate to each other. No paradoxing. Only once a topic is finished does a cat have a memory of that topic in new topics. But only ones created after the first was finished. It may sound confusing, but topics shouldn't last all that long.

  2. If a member was, for example, a kit when posting in a topic but had their ceremony and is now an apprentice, they are still a kit in that topic, NOT an apprentice. They need to finish that topic how they started it-as a kit.

  3. Please don't post in old topics. Check the date on the latest post if you are unsure if it's recent. After about a month, it's considered an old topic.

  4. Only role-play as your own approved cat. No extra siblings, parents, or kin. One cat is all you need. And I'm sorry, but this isn't the Sims. Besides, you can only control yourself, right? ...Right??

  5. Don't control another member's cat in topics. If they're not posting, wait. Give them time, you don't know how their life works. For all you know, they only get two hours of time a day to go on, or they're on vacation, or they had an urgent matter to attend to, or they forgot to log off, etc., etc.

  6. Give members a chance to post. If there are more than two members involved in a topic, give everyone a chance to say something, to get a word in edge-wise, ya' know? You never know when someone may have a really good reply.

  7. Go with the flow of the topic. Whoever started it had something in mind when they made it, so don't just have a fox come out of nowhere to attack you, or interrupt a member when they're addressing another cat. It's rude and makes the topic-starter feel bad.

  8. Last of all, but maybe most important of all, ACT YOUR RANK. If you're a kit, act like a kit. You don't know anything! You've barely even been around! (and you shouldn't leave camp). If you're an apprentice, act like an apprentice. You know some things at first, sure, but that's only what you were able to gather from living for six moons inside your camp. You need to LEARN what ShadowClan smells like. You need to LEARN what death berries are. You need to LEARN the proper hunting position. You need to LEARN what the Thunderpath is. Please don't act like you know everything just so you can get your warrior name-it doesn't work like that, it'll just take longer. When you're a warrior, I'd assume you know a lot by now, but if you haven't seen something in a topic, you don't know it.

I hope that these rules can give you a better understanding of role-playing. If someone isn't following them, just give them a little reminder—don't be too rude or anything.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or another Moderator.

~MothStar--Leader of ThunderClan~
~Mentor of GorseFang, DustyFoot, EchoSong, SnowPaw,, RainStar and BristleStar~
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