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 Gorsestar's Nine Lives

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PostSubject: Gorsestar's Nine Lives   Gorsestar's Nine Lives EmptySun May 30, 2010 11:10 pm

*comes inside,a look of determination on my face as i reach the moonstone. Touches my nose to the cold surface and closes my eyes,falling asleep* i?....

Bristlethorn(father): Welcome Gorsefang....It's nice to see you! I've never thoguth i'd be here to welcome you as a leader *he purrs and touches his nose to mine* For your first life,i will give you the gift of Justice,use it to know what's right,and to judge others fairly.*pads away*

Rosepetal(Mother): *runs up to me and licks my nose,then purrs and silently touches her nose to mine* For this life i give you compassion,and love,use these skills to protect your clan,mate,and kits. And to care for others weaker and smaller than you...goodbye *pads away to sit by Bristlethorn

Me:But..Mother..*tops and sees a streak of starlight then turns to a yellow tabby*

Leapardstrike(Brother):nice to see you,i never would have known a little furball like you would be here..*smirks playfully* For your third life i give you endless speed,use this to hunt for your clan,battle swiftly,and be fast stop what shoud've never happened.

Me: Leopardstrike..i'm..sorry...sno-

Leopardstrike: it's alright..*looks sorry and smiles a little then sits by rosepetal*

Snowfall(Leopardstrike's mate,and Gorsestars friend from riverclan) *pads up to Gorsefang,her eyes sparkling* nice to see you again you big furball *smiles* For this life,i give you Courage and strength,use them to fight for your clan like a warrior! *looks away,and sighs.Then pads over to leopardstrike and sits by him and intwines her tail with his,their pelts brushing*

Greystep(Best,best,best,friend!) *tackles Gorsefang playfully* Hello! *smiles,and gets off* i can't belive you beat me to becoming leader! *purrs and flicks gorsefang's ear with his tail* With this life i give you friendship,wisdom,hope,and sprit Use these lives to be the best leader you can be!

Me:I missed you greystep *purrs and touches noses with my friend before he sits by snowfall*

Bluebird and Jaytail(twin sisters): *both together:* Gorsefang! *Bluebird padsover to him with jaytail and they purr*
Bluebird: With this life..i give you trust,use this to build strong bonds with others around you.
Jaytail: With this life i give you Pride and determination,use this to never back down,even in times of war.

Tigerstripe(Jaytail's mate and friend): *greets gorsefang and pufs out a sigh* with this life, i give you Nobility, Certainty,and..Selflessness
Use these skills to care for your clan like no warrior ever had! *smiles at Jaytail and intwines tails with ehr as the 3 of them,Jaytail,him,and bluebird sit by the others*

Blackstar(former shadowclan leader): *pads over to gorsefang and looks down at him* With this life i give you Wisdom,Faith,and Endurance. Use this life to take care of shadowclan *he smiles and touches gorsefang's shoulder with his tail* Take care of my clan..*pads over to the front of the cats*

Me:Thank you blackstar *my eyes shine with pride,but my body trembles with exhaustion*

Blackstar and the others in a soft tone: May starclan be with you Gorsestar.*they all dissapear*

Me: Quickly wakes up and shakes head,then with newly found strength from my new lives,i stand and walk away*

If i am to be the best leader i can be..i better live up to my lives!
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Gorsestar's Nine Lives
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